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5 Reasons Why Every Gamer Needs To Play Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an amazing ARPG that has garnered a huge fan following in the recent few years for its great gameplay and amazing visuals. Developed by Grinding Gear Games and released in 2013 this game can be played on Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, and every other mainstream gaming console.

There are many reasons for playing this particular game and we are going to take you through just a few of these shortly. Unlike most ARPGs, poe ninja stays true to its genre and provides the most streamlined gaming experience ever.

Here is why we believe every gamer should try this game at least once in their gaming journey

  • Amazing Gameplay

The players in this game control one of the seven categories of characters and explore vast regions including caves, dark dungeons, and fight vicious monsters to gain more XP.

The game is played from an overhead perspective to give you a better view. You can upgrade your attack strength, speed, and agility using Support Gems. Unlike most ARPGs, Path of exile uses trading instead of in-game currency to acquire new weapons and skills which spices things up quite a lot.

  • The Plot

The game takes place in a fantasy world where the rulers of the island nation named Oriath exile people to the continent of Wraeclast. While being exiled in that abandoned continent players have to fight their way back to their homeland while uncovering conspiracies as they move ahead.

The storyline of the game is very well-written and is consistent throughout which adds extra flavour to the gameplay. The main character can be Scion, Templar, Ranger, Shadow, Witch, Dualist, or Marauder. Each of these characters has a certain set of skills and a backstory that sets them apart from the rest.

  •  It is Totally Free

The path of exile trade does not charge you anything to access its complete features or to make in-app purchases. This is the main reason why action role-playing games enthusiasts go for Poe. Not every gamer can afford to buy expensive games or weapons or passes for a game to access the full features and the path of exile keeps that in mind at all times.

This gives every gamer an equal opportunity to enjoy a great quality ARPG without ever worrying about having to pay even a dime.

  • Great Community

Unlike most ARPG communities, most people who are into this game claim that the community is overall considerate and friendly. The players are more supportive of each other and they value healthy competition.

There are countless blogs, videos, forums, and websites that are dedicated to spreading awareness about the game and sharing tips and tricks for the beginners. The great community behind path of exile is another reason why so many people find it fun and spend so much time on it.

  • Great Visuals

Despite being absolutely free, this ARPG does not compromise the quality of graphics. The visuals are detailed, suited to the title and plot, and amazing background soundtracks just make everything so much more captivating.

Most gamers get into this game for this main reason since as realistic the visuals of a game are, the more you are able to immerse yourself in it and have endless fun. The game takes the complex setting and environment and turns it into a complete masterpiece with its immaculately designed visuals and color combinations.

Final Thoughts

So, these are but a few reasons why Path of Exile stands out among all the other ARPGs. This game has intense action, a great storyline, easy controls, and most of all it is absolutely free.

So, try out this ARPG and we assure you that you will never regret making this choice. Even after 9 years of being released, this game is still growing in terms of fan following. It is updated often to introduce new leagues and remove any inconsistencies that players report.

We really hope this article has been of some help to you and we urge you once again to try out this cool ARPG without any worry if you have been thinking about getting yourself into it but couldn’t for some reason.                   


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