10 Awesome Amenities Hotel Provide to Make Your Stay Comfortable

People often miss traveling with their loved ones due to hectic work schedules. In today’s world, no one has time to spend with their family or friends. Life of people is left only between their meetings and deadlines. People don’t have time to do at least a single meal together with their family. To get rid of this schedule, people often take a day or week off from work to spend with their families. Traveling is the best activity for removing stress and gaining energy. Spending time with family is considered the best time.

No doubt traveling makes you feel fresh and energetic. Planning a vacation is not an easy task. People have to look after so many things before planning any vacation. The budget is the main point that is considered when planning a vacation. You may find various hotels in tourist-friendly areas. You have to choose according to your budget and needs. Chennai is considered a tourist-friendly destination. You can check hotels in Chennai online for your vacation. Hotels offer you numerous amenities. Let’s go through them one by one.

  • Free Breakfast: –

    No matter what the rating of the hotel is, each hotel provides you with free breakfast. Hotels provide you with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options on their menu. Breakfast buffet is served by the hotels within a fixed period. Many hotels include authentic dishes in their buffet to impress their guests. You can also order anything in your room from their menu. They provide kitchen service 24×7. Many hotels even provide you with a small kitchen attached to your room. You can cook anything at any hour.

  • Free Parking: –

    Parking is the main issue. People don’t find parking, especially in tourist-friendly places. Hotels provide you with free parking for your vehicles. You can keep your cars in the hotel garage and roam around the place through autos. Visiting local places in your vehicle can be a difficult task. Hotels provide a separate room for the drivers too. Free parking is an impressive way to attract guests. You can even find the facility of car cleaning in hotels.

  • In-Room Cocktail: –

    Partying in a room gives a different vibe. You don’t need to get ready and still; you can have a lot of fun. Expensive hotels provide you with the facility of in-room cocktails. Hotels provide you with luxurious drinks and different types of wine. You have access to the bar and make your drink yourself. Hotels also include local drinks that give you a rich local taste. A special book is kept on the table that helps you in making local drinks. You can have these drinks at any hour of the day.

  • Toiletries: –

    Every hotel provides you with basic toiletries. The basic difference is in the packaging and quality of toiletries given by luxury hotels and normal hotels. The basic toiletries include toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, and other items. Hotels also provide you with a small refrigerator and an electric kettle. The small sachets of powdered milk, tea, and coffee are kept for guests. Luxury hotels also provide you with a bathrobe and slippers. Self-grooming options are also available in hotels. Separate spa services are also provided by hotels for giving relaxation experiences to their guests.

  • Local History: –

    Every place has its very own local history. People visit these places so that they become aware of their histories. People from around the world travel to our country to get knowledge about our culture. Local people are much aware of the history linked to that place. People should get in touch with local people to gain knowledge. Hotels provide you with a guide that can help you with local places. Few hotels keep something related to that place in each room.

  • Laundry Services: –

    Laundry service is the latest amenity that the hotel started providing. People plan destination weddings that push hotels to provide laundry services. Hotels provide you with free laundry services. Guests can get their clothes washed and ironed in their rooms. Guests can also demand clothing iron to iron their clothes. It’s crucial for the people who come to attend any corporate event or meeting with their clients. You can avail the benefit of laundry services anytime.

  • Pet-friendly Rooms: –

    Keeping pets is the new trend nowadays. People love to keep at least one pet in their homes. People keep their pets along with themselves even while traveling. Hotels have started providing pet-friendly rooms for pet lovers. Guests can keep their pets in their rooms along with them. Pet lovers treat their pets as their families. Pet lovers look for pet-friendly hotels. Providing pet-friendly rooms can attract a large number of people.

  • Free Wi-Fi: –

    One of the best amenities provided by hotels is free wifi. People can’t imagine their life without internet service. Sometimes the network connectivity of guests doesn’t work in that area. Hotel wifi comes to the rescue. People who have come to attend meetings need a strong internet connection. Special meeting rooms are built in hotels in which separate wifi facilities are available.

  • Banquet Halls: –

    Banquet halls are the best amenity provided by hotels. No matter what the rating of the hotel, each hotel has banquet halls. Clients have access to these banquet halls for conducting any kind of party or celebration. The decoration of the hall and catering services are provided by hotels. Guests need to book the halls days before their function. Guests can give an idea about the type of decoration they want and what menu they want. All the arrangements are made by hotels.

  • Gym: –

    Today’s youth are fitness freaks. People don’t like to skip their gym and exercise even on vacations. Hotels provide their guests with the facility of a gym. The gym has all the gadgets required for exercise. Many hotels have gyms equipped with the latest technology. Guests can order from the menu specially made for gym lovers. The menu includes each item that gym lovers will adore. Providing fitness facilities in hotels is an attractive idea. Hotels even appoint trainers for their gyms.

These are the few amenities that are provided by hotels. You can find these amenities in every hotel. You can check hotels in Chennai online.


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