The Mesmerizing Waterfalls of Keonjhar

The Mesmerizing Waterfalls of Keonjhar

Keonjhar is a district in Orissa nestled between the Mayurbhanj, Bhadrak, Dhenkanal, Sundargarh and West Singhbhum districts. It is renowned for its breathtaking waterfalls that are a must-visit for any aspiring traveller. Keonjhar is highly accessible and is only five hours away from Bhubaneswar road. You can easily cover this distance via a reliable Bhubaneswar car hire service.

Nature has always had its course, so I have pulled out a list of waterfalls for your trip. Do not forget to visit!

Sanaghagara Falls

The Sanaghagara falls are spread over a sprawling 488 hectares. The surrounding forest tracks boast of miscellaneous forest vegetation and mixed deciduous plants. This fall is renowned for its perennial stream of water and the mesmerizing forest tracks, which is breathtaking throughout the year.

The hilly terrain also makes for an exciting trekking experience. It also functions as an eco-tourist spot, and various sights like the tribal museum, the children’s park and the boating service are not to be missed.

Badaghagara Waterfall

Located nearby, the Badaghagara falls are unmatched in their grandeur. They are a part of the Ghaghara River and fall from a height of 16 meters. The lush greenery and the gentle sounds of the perennial flow of the water act as a balm for the soul, be lost. Adventure trekkers often attempt to negotiate the rugged terrain to glimpse into the dense forests and lofty mountains.

Bhimkund Falls

The Bhimkund Falls of Keonjhar is marked by rolling green forests and pristine scenery. The speeding currents and the large vertical waterfall gorge create an environment that is not to be missed. These falls also have a religious significance, and the annual festival of Makar Sankranti is characterized by a large gathering of the local population for communal celebration.

 Khandadhar Falls

At a whopping 244 meters, the Khandadhar Falls are the highest waterfalls in Orissa. An ardent journey is in store if you wish to glimpse the untouched beauty of the Khandadhar. While the falls are largely accessible for the first 19 kilometres from Bonaigarh, you must travel the last few kilometers on foot. The crashing thunder of the waterfall and the immaculate scenery are well worth the grueling journey.

Gundichaghai Waterfall

Rolling and glistening with an awe-inspiring majesty, the Gundichaghai falls are often likened to a silver garland. They fall at a distance of 50 feet below the river surface and are surrounded by lush greenery. You can easily cover a trip to Ghatagaon, the Maa Tarini temple and the Gundichaghai on the same day as they are quite close.

Handibhanga Waterfall

The Handibhanga waterfall is a place you must visit in Orissa. It also functions as a picnic spot where you can rest and heal in the lap of nature. Water is recommended that you visit between October and March as the falls are the most beautiful and ample greenery nearby. It is located 70 kilometers away from Keonjhar and is quite close to Joda, another renowned picnic spot.

The mesmerizing waterfalls of Keonjhar are unmatched in their resplendence. They must feature on the itinerary of the intrepid traveler, especially if you are already near Bhubaneswar. It would be best to make the trip from Bhubaneswar to Keonjhar through a cab booking app for a hassle-free travel experience.


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