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It is time to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram?

If you use social media, you must have heard about the new privacy policy of WhatsApp. The social media has been taken to storm with thousands of opinions and arguments. Massive audience of social media is doing a debate over the updated privacy policy of WhatsApp.

This updated privacy policy of WhatsApp will be enforced from February 8th, 2021. Those who won’t be agreeing with the terms and conditions of the updated version of this messaging platform, their accounts will be deleted and they won’t be able to use the app.

The Facebook-owned platform is ready to merge the whole data of WhatsApp with the Facebook which is making many people annoyed with this application.

Here is a detailed guide for you about how WhatsApp would be updated and what would be its privacy policy. Also, if you are thinking to switch from WhatsApp to any other messaging application, then keep reading this article till the end to have a complete vision of privacy and secure policies.

Let’s get into the study.


Facebook is ready to take the hold of WhatsApp from 8th February, 2021. With the new privacy policy, WhatsApp will effectively become an extension of Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger.

The privacy policies which are revised by the WhatsApp requires you to let the company share the data with Facebook and its associated companies. By agreeing with the terms and conditions, the user agrees to share his data with Facebook and Facebook will further show related ads to you.


Well to be honest people, I personally believe and some well-known research writers of said that when you are already living in such a digital era where everything is being revolutionized, you cannot maintain the standards of privacy and security. Your data is being stored on cloud and Google, what if they ever got hacked?

I must say that we are fond of using social media- completely addicted to Instagram and Facebook. We already agreed with their terms and conditions in the past. Once we get smartphones in our hands, we agree with the different policies while downloading several applications, and BAM… we already don’t have anything private.

There are some rumors being circulated on social platforms that WhatsApp will get into the private chats and will be spying over the messages. However, it is absolutely a rumor.

On 12th January, 2021, WhatsApp created a complete FAQ page and cleared that changes are related to messaging business on WhatsApp. Also, the company clarified that WhatsApp and Facebook cannot see or invade private messages.

Besides this, the company also announced that WhatsApp and Facebook would not be able to witness your shared location. The groups over WhatsApp would also stay private and end-to-end encryption would be available. Also, you would be able to set your messages to disappear.



This was the second time when the cross-platform messaging application presented its clarifications. Still, the privacy concerns raised among the audience and people started to look for other messaging applications.

Elon Musk, CEO of spacecraft company-SpaceX and electric car company-Tesla, Inc. also asked the audience to shift towards Signal- the encrypted messaging platform.

Talking about Telegram- freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based and instant messaging software which recently received an upward surge of 2 million downloads around the world.

Pavel Durov- the founder of Telegram also compared both the messaging apps via several aspects and concluded, WhatsApp cannot beat Telegram in quality, privacy, and security. He also agreed with the fact that the updated privacy policies of WhatsApp forced the users to migrate towards Telegram.


Telegram is the only messaging application in the world that has verifiable builds for both, iOS and android. It is one of the most reliable, end-to-end encrypted and cloud-based messaging applications.

Those who have already switched from WhatsApp to Telegram or who were using Telegram for so long consider this app as the most secured one. People shared their opinions that Telegram is far more smooth, efficient and reliable app when it comes to privacy.

End-to-end encryption is also available on WhatsApp! But what makes Telegram much superior is the option of secret chats. The chats exchanged in secret chats leave no single trace on the server and databases of the company.

Telegram is the cloud-based messaging application. The chats, text messages, images, and documents shared on Telegram will be synchronized across all the devices on which you will register with Telegram’s cloud storage. This feature is absent in WhatsApp!

The messaging application of Telegram also offers login and logout from number of devices with the guarantee of data being in safe hands.

Also, the users can send up to 1.5GB file via Telegram! This is something very powerful!

The users of Telegram would also be having the access to restrict video files, images and documents which they don’t want in their device.

Another powerful feature of Telegram includes communication with anyone on Telegram even if you don’t have his contact number.


Considering the privacy concerns, people are moving towards Telegram. It is very easy to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram. Follow these steps:

  1. Download Telegram from the store (Apple, Microsoft, Android, Mac)
  2. Sign up using your phone number. Your interface can slightly differ from the other one due to the changed platform.
  3. Enter the code which you will receive for verification.
  4. Open the menu and set up you profile with name, picture and many other options.
  5. Open privacy and security and set the two-step verification for added security.

Don’t forget to delete your WhatsApp account to enjoy your Telegram application with full freedom.


Signal is also a private messaging application which is used by security experts, privacy researchers and journalists. Telegram is also the application to enhance the efficiency of direct messages.

It is your choice to choose your platform for direct messaging as per your feasibility. But believe me; on internet you can never trust anything because none of the app can offer your 100% secrecy. Still, for now on to settle your privacy concerns, Telegram is the option to go with!


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