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An Introduction to Hair Levels and Tones: Finding Your Perfect Hair Color

Finding Your Perfect Hair Color

It’s everyone’s goal to get the perfect hair color they want. However, the hair color may end up with an unappealing shade of hue. How can you avoid it? The first step is to pick the proper color for your hair. It, on the other hand, is tucked away beneath all of those jumbled-up numeric combinations. Who knows what those figures imply. Keep reading to understand more about hair color and how to select the perfect hair color.

Hair Color Levels

Hair Color

Hair Colour Levels from 1 to 12

Usually, the first number on the label of a hair coloring product indicates the level of color (depth/lightness). The hue or nature of the color is described by the tone, which is represented by the number indicating how light or dark the color is. The eleven hair color levels, as you can see, are each labeled with an appropriate designation that corresponds to a specific degree of lightness or darkness.

The higher the initial number, the brighter the tone (for example, 1 equals black, 10 equals very light blonde). You may also come across color depths of 11, 12, and 13, which often represent color for the lightning procedure. When selecting colors, you should always refer to the color chart of the particular brand you are considering.

Colour Shades and Reflect

The next step in color selection is deciding on the tone or hue you want to create with the color. When it comes to generating attractive color results, choosing the right tone is critical. This is shown by the other numbers that appear after the slash or the decimal point, as shown below. Every hairdressing brand employs a scale that is slightly different from the others.

Color Shade:  The first digit following the slash. This term refers to the primary tone of a color, which is the dominating hue within it. The tint of the color will be more apparent in the final hair color. Additionally, the primary tone influences whether the resulting hair color is warm or cool.

Color Reflect: The second digit following the slash. This is a reference to the secondary tone, they are color reflections. Color reflections will be reduced in the final hair color.

What is the Use?

Following your choice of a base color, your hairdresser will look at the second level of your hair color. The number after the period mark is the number of levels. This is about the tone.

A level 5 hair color with a tone of.1 is cool light brown, while a level 8 hair color with a tone of .6 is medium blond with red tones. This chart of hair color levels also lets your hairdresser tone down the end result. Then, to keep blond hair color from becoming too warm, they could add more.

How to Find Your Hair Level?

It is essential to understand your existing natural hair color level before attempting to pick the most appropriate shade of hair color for you in order to achieve the effects you desire. Using the following method, you may determine what amount of hair dye you currently have:

  1. Choose a section of your hair and hold it up, with it stretched out from the rest of your hair. For the best results, make sure you are in natural light when you do this.
  2. Your chosen segment should come from the farthest part of the crown that you are able to look at with a careful eye. Your hair is always the lightest in the front of your hairline, where it is finer and receives the most sun exposure because it is the lightest there. Use the roots directly along your hairline as a guide to determine the color of your hair.
  3. Look closely at the color of the hair that sprouts from your roots towards the top of your head. It’s best to look for some gray color if you’re only seeing gray scales. Many people mistakenly believe that “natural hair color” refers to the color of their hair as it was when they were born or as it was in their childhood, however as we grow older, our hair’s color tends to change. As we become older, our hair tends to become darker.
  4. Look at this page’s hair dye chart for some ideas. You can go lighter or darker if that’s what you’re seeking to do. For example, if you’re a natural level 4, you can only lighten your hair by one degree.
  5. Though getting darker is usually simpler, I recommend doing it in stages and only going one shade darker at a time. You can always go a shade darker the following time if your color isn’t dark enough!
  6. Hair that has already been colored cannot be lightened using permanent hair color. So, if you just colored your hair with a level 5 shade, adding a level 6 shade on top of it won’t lighten it at all.

Remember! The outcome of your final goal shade will also be determined by a number of other elements, including the undercoat and pigment distribution. The type of hair you have and the quality of your hair have an impact on the color you get. If you’re not sure, it’s always best to leave your hair in the hands of a professional hairdresser to avoid any complications. Using Ammonia free hair colour shampoo is the best choice to keep your hair away from any damage.


Speaking in terms of hair color levels is critical, as the names of hair colors can be subjective and vary widely among brands. However, the hair color scale is global.  A shade level chart can help you determine your hair color level, or if you want to be absolutely sure, consult a professional hair colorist. It’s their experience that ensures you get the correct diagnosis and that you can then choose the proper hair color from here. Your hair’s color will also help you figure out which colors look best on you!


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