5 Statistics about Silver Foil Boxes that you shouldn’t believe

5 Statistics about Silver Foil Boxes that you shouldn’t believe

Silver foil boxes are cardboard boxes coated with sheets of silver foil. These metallic sheet-covered boxes are also known as metalized boxes. Silver has a classic look, and these boxes perfectly help to channel the look. Silver foil boxes are not too old in the market. Their popularity increases day by day; just like gold foil boxes; they are also used as gift packaging. Besides gift packaging, it is possible to pack cosmetics and food items in these boxes. The finishing of these boxes is incredibly high quality. This high-quality finishing gives them special space in the market of packaging.

It is best to use silver foil boxes as your cardboard gift packaging. They have everything that can attract people to your package. Since these boxes are not too old in the packaging world, there are so many myths revolving around them. These myths need to be broken to understand the benefits of silver foil boxes. We have made a list of common myths about silver foil boxes. Let us put these myths so everyone can take advantage of these boxes.

They are not Eco Friendly.

The world is facing severe environmental issues. In this world, trusting this myth can be very harmful to a business. Silver foil boxes are very environment-friendly. They are usually made with sustainable materials. The materials used in the manufacturing of silver foil boxes are eco Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated sheets. This perfectly shows how you will be helping the environment by using these metalized boxes.

Silver foil boxes are made to use as gift packaging. Unlike the majority of other cardboard gift packaging, these custom boxes are more than one-use boxes. They are repurposed all the time as keepsake boxes and jewelry boxes. They are recycled to make craft projects. Their looks make them sustainable. So never, believe someone who tells you that silver foil boxes are not eco-friendly. They are not recycled but can be made of recycled materials too.

They are not affordable.

Every premium-looking product gets a stamp that it must not be affordable. Silver foil boxes are the opposite of expensive. They are amazingly luxurious looking, but packaging companies make them at very reasonable prices. Silver and gold foil boxes do not cost a leg and arm to the business. Their benefits are much more than their prices. They are essentially cardboard boxes with a layer of a silver metallic sheet. The metallic sheet looks like extremely premium packaging. But their prices are very affordable. Even new businesses can easily use them to elevate their new setup.

They cannot be Printed.

Another myth that repels people is that silver foil boxes cannot be custom printed boxes. You can go to the market and check with your own eyes. A little research will prove that so many brands are already using silver foil custom printed boxes. These boxes, in fact, get very nicely printed. Print gets prominent on the surface of the box. The special colors are used to print on silver foil boxes. These colors have amazing results. The printing is also not very expensive. You can get embossed custom boxes, and printing will be done on them. That printing stands out even more.

Silver Foil Boxes Cannot be Custom Design.

Silver foil boxes can be made in numerous designs. They can be cut into different shapes and sizes. So this statement is plain wrong. To package edibles, they are made into small, medium, and large size custom boxes. For gift packaging, they are made into all kinds of shapes.

Businesses use these boxes for their luxury and special edition packaging. During the holiday season, silver foil boxes are available in different shapes according to the occasion. Especially on Christmas, different treats and gifts are sold in these boxes. All kinds of customizations are possible with silver foil boxes according to the nature of the business.

They cannot be used for Marketing.

This statement is pretty scary for any business; why would they choose a packaging that cannot market them. Let’s talk about this myth, which is completely wrong. This myth can be broken with the fact that silver foil boxes can be printed. Anything that can be printed can be used as a marketing tool. These custom boxes do not even need extra effort. They speak for themselves. People buy the product just because they want to on the silver foil box.

Cardboard gift packaging itself is very famous, and when it is turned into silver foil boxes, its value also rises. They are the perfect marketing tool for new businesses, given their extremely affordable prices.  Marketing is an art, and everything that stands out amongst other items should be used to market the product. Business design special edition gift packaging that is used to entice people to buy the product. You must be convinced by now and not believe any unnecessary myths that include packaging.

They are not suitable for Personal Use.

Silver foil boxes make amazing-looking party favor boxes. As we have talked about earlier that, they can be made in all shapes and sizes. This quality adds up so much fun to the party. You can order them online or buy them from the market; silver foil boxes are completely accessible to common people.

They can be used as party favor boxes, birthday boxes for kids, and wedding party boxes. Your guest will be delighted to get these premium-looking boxes. Everybody likes to take gifts, and silver foil boxes make the best gift boxes ever. You can even customize them for your needs. They can be crafted too. You can get silver foiled cardboard sheets and make your own boxes. Premade boxes can be customized with your decoration ideas. You can add ribbons and ornaments to make them look more personal.

So this proves that nobody should believe any myths. Do your research and find out facts, so you do not miss out on something as amazing as custom boxes.


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